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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

-Benjamin Franklin

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Investing During the Market Downturn? Make These 5 Considerations First

Why Invest During a Recession? Choosing to invest during a market downturn can make a lot of sense - asset prices have fallen hard, meaning those willing to invest now can likely get bonds, stocks, real estate and more for a fraction of what those assets are normally worth. Those who were looking to cash out this quarter are in a difficult place with the market drop. But those who are still years, or even decades, away from cashing out what’s in their portfolio may be the ones who can really benefit from this downturn in the market (this is often the case for young investors just starting to build and diversify their portfolio). They have the time needed to watch the market recover and their bargain-priced assets slowly regain their value. Consideration #1: Is My Emergency Fund Fully Stocked? Consideration #2: Would It Be Better to Pay off My Debts? Consideration #3: Am I Rushing Into This? Consideration #4: Am I Emotionally Prepared to Watch My Money Drop? Consideration #5: Am I Still Following My Normal Investment Procedures?

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